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Can I provide Same Category services from different devices

Hi There,
Hope you are fine. I just wanna know ‘Can I provide same category services from different divice?’
Ok Let me clear!
My brother and I, we are both freelancer we are using same broadbandconnection. He provide the service is Digital Marketing. And I provide the service is Programme & Tech. Now I decided that I also provide the service as he do.
Is there any problem to provide the same services but using different device?
Please do clear me that thing. I’m just confusing.
In future, Is fiverr going to warning me or banned me?
Thank you. :heart:.

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It could potentially cause trouble. Generally, Fiverr allows two sellers to operate from the same location only when they sell different services and don’t buy from each another.

The safest thing to do is to contact Support and ask for their permission before you and your brother create similar gigs.

Do you know how to open a ticket with them?


Thank You for your valuable comment.
Some of them are alredy message it to fiverr support they are saying fiverr allow it if they are using different device. But some them say fully opposit.
What should I do? :persevere:
I totally confused :no_mouth:

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You’re welcome.

I think the safest thing to do is to try to get permission from CS before you and your brother offer the same services using the same internet connection. It may not be something they’re willing to allow at this time.

Fiverr can be quite trigger happy. By that, I mean if you trigger Fiverr’s system for whatever reason, your account is likely to be suspended for good. It’s almost impossible to appeal unless you have strong evidence. Saying other people said something was legal isn’t likely to help you.

If you have written permission from CS, you can use that to get your account back, if the worst should happen. :slight_smile:

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conflict your fiver acount server ip address

Thank You soo much!
I really Appreciate for you bombastic reply :star_struck:
I will abide by as you say! :heart_eyes:

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Cool. :slight_smile:

Let us know how you get on.

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