Can I put My Portfolio Website link on response of Buyer Request?


I am a web developer. Most of the times I need to attach my portfolio website link when sending an offer from buyer request. The portfolio site is fully functional with all my social media links, has a price section & contact form.

Does it violate any TOS of Fiverr?


Yes, lots of them!

Here are the URLs you can use:


Thank you so much for your kind info. I am new here and thinking about the issue.
Would you please check the link you have given, Its seems broken.


Here’s what was listed:
The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

and it was available yesterday - very odd! :sunny:


Thanks, though I don’t want to put my portfolio website link on my gigs or profile, Sometimes buyer want to show us the demo sites on buyer request or message. So I can use dummy sites with no active link to contact me outside fiverr, right?


You’d need to ask CS that as you’d be giving them a URL of some sort as a link. I’m sure they’ll help you, unless another developer happens on by to tell you what they do! :slightly_smiling_face: