Can I raise my price when sending offers in Buyer Requests?


So I am relatively new at Fiverr and am confused about pricing when sending an offer through the Buyer Requests section.

So basically, I see a buyer request and click on ‘send offer’. In the pop-out window, I see an area where I am supposed to type in the price I am offering. What I don’t understand is, the price of my gig is already mentioned on my gig page. So does re-entering it here mean that I can even ‘raise’ my price according to the type of buyer request I see?

For example: I create minimalist logos. But I see a buyer request asking for a little more complex logo. So am I allowed to charge more for that when sending an offer? Is pricing flexible here when sending an offer?
Won’t that put my buyer off when he/she sees my gig page and sees that I am offering less there but offering more in the offer I just sent?

I am sorry if my question sounds confusing. I am really confused myself and need an expert’s help.

Thank you!


Yes, you can raise your price depending of job complexity


Buyers Request section is Custom made offers you can raise your amount after understanding the job and it’s complexity… Usually my price in Buyer Request section is higher than assumed by buyers, but still I get orders on and off… For example if a buyer is asking for a banner for $10, I will quote for $30 putting assertion of genuine quality work…


Yes, you can put any price there and a buyer can start order on your price without even having a prior conversation over it. So, always put legitimate prices with the full explanation of your services.
Never put $5 in that box if it costs higher. It may give a backlash and a buyer can start the order.


So, if I charge, for example, $10 in the buyer requests area whereas on my gig page I have offered $5, is that like 'breaking the rules" or unethical?


Thank you for the explanation!

So, likewise, I can also set the number of days for delivery differently here than on my gig page?


Thank you for your response!


no, it isn’t unethical.
There are many circumstances when you can hike the prices.

  1. The complexity of the job.
  2. Delivery period.
  3. Extras.

Yes, you can put any number of days.


Thank you so very much!
Really helps a lot!!


Tell the buyer exactly that.

I click each gig of the offer/seller. At least 50% bid who can’t or don’t know how to do what I am asking.

If I were asking for something complex and you offer only a minimalist logo, I would guess that you are among the 50% who didn’t read my requirements and will delete. There is a delete icon on the buyers side so I can sort the list by price, date, etc.

Tell him or her what you can do and you are charging a little more than your gig page for that reason.

As a seller I’m guessing you only know how many bid, not what or how they bid?

If you had a valid reason for charging more, I would be okay with it.


That explains a lot!

Yes! As a seller I can only see how many sellers have made the bid.

So, according to what you have said, if a buyer needs a complex logo I don’t need to create a whole other gig offering complex logos and can continue to offer my service through my minimalist gig PROVIDED that I am 1) honest about what I usually do and that, 2) in reality, I CAN really design the complex logo, right?

Thank you!


Yes, however, if it’s not too difficult to create a gig offering what the buyer needs, I’d recommend you do that.

I’ve been turned off by sellers trying to be sneaky. Your situation is completely different, but here is what has happened to me more than once.

I ask for proofreading of say 5000 words. They bid $40. I check out their gigs page they offer 5000 for $25 or even $15. :smirk: //This happens at least two to three times each time I use B.R.//

I automatically delete sellers trying to rip me off, all the low ball bidders, poorly written bids and sort the rest by highest to lowest and check them out.

You have no idea how many sellers simply write: “I do for you.” Not matter what the request is.


This is how it looks like on buyer side.
Have a look.


That is exactly how I DO NOT want to be perceived which is why I wanted to make sure under what circumstances a seller can increase his/her price.

Your advice helped a lot! I think creating another gig for other types of logos will make me more versatile and this way I can choose from my gigs and offer the most relevant one when sending an offer. Because (now that I think of it) if I am a buyer and I want, say, a mascot logo and a seller whose gig pertains to minimalist design sends me an offer, I might disregard his/her offer and choose a seller who actually has a gig for mascot logo designs.

Thanks a lot for your time, gina_riley2! I really appreciate it!!


Oh wow…so that’s how sellers look up there O_O
Makes me a little nervous haha!
Thanks for the insight! Really helps in giving me direction and a whole different point of view to see this business from!


Wow! What an eye opener seeing things from the buyers perspective! This is very helpful. I think the advice to have a separate gig may make it easier for the buyer. They may have too much information to read.


Here is what I do when dealing with Buyer Requests.

  1. If buyer requests something for less than what I offer it for, and
    a) if they clearly say not to quote more than that amount - I won’t bid
    b) if they don’t say not to quote more than that amount - I send my offer with my price

  2. If buyer requests something for the same amount as what I offer it for - I send my offer for that exact price

  3. If buyer requests something for more than what I offer it for - I send my offer for the price the buyer quoted. Here, my assumption is that the buyer might have done more research into the complexity of the issue than me, to justify that higher amount. However, I am open to negotiation of price in such cases, since there is a possibility that the buyer might not really know the effort involved.

In all the above cases, I quote a realistic time depending on the effort involved.


That make’s a lot of sense!! Thanks for your advice consultantIndia :slight_smile:
This will surely help me a lot next time I fill in the price slot.


You’re welcome! All the best with your gigs.