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Can I reach clients I had worked with after my account is blocked?

Can one contact clients after account is disabled?


First, there would be no way to contact a client on Fiverr after their account is blocked.Contacting them off-Fiverr is against the Terms of Service so you could be blocked for that.

Why would you want to contact someone whose account was blocked anyway?


I meant how to reach former buyers after account gets blocked.

As a seller?

Are you asking how to contact buyers if you account gets blocked?

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I think she is asking, how does a blocked BUYER keep contacting her, after they are blocked.:confused: Maybe… not sure…

Yeah. That’s my question

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You can’t.

If this is your second account and your first one was blocked, you’d get into real trouble for contacting buyers you had on your previous account, and they’d likely block the new account as well.

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Someone wanted to give me a job that’s why I was asking if there is a way to reach him.

Why can’t they just contact you on your Fiverr account?

You don’t understand. That buyer does not know this account. He knows the one that was disabled.

The answer’s still ‘no, you can’t’.