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Can I receive Euros and US Dollars at the same time in my account?

Dear Fiverrers, kindly allow me to explain. One of my clients is requesting me to send him an offer in Euros. In order to do this I must change the currency from US Dollars to Euros in my Fiverr office, my first question is, what would happen to my actual US Dollar earnings, will they be converted to Euros? will I be assigned a new wallet or a new means to keep the Euros? After this conversion, does my US Dollar earnings get affected by currency fluctuation if I reverse the currency back from Euros to US Dollars? Is it possible to receive more than one currency (US Dollars and Euros) in one unique Fiverr account?

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No you can’t. Everything is in US dollars. This is not a multi-currency platform. You can only show the conversion exchange in your chosen currency and choose to withdraw in the currency of your choice, which, not charge in a different currency.

Your buyers sounds difficult.

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Thank you very much dear Humanissocial, this is a very nice client actually, one outstanding experience for me each time I work on his content, he is very polite and professional. Ok, so now I know Fiverr is not a multi-currency platform, good and useful to know, can I bother you with an advise with regards to my other questions, on the supposed situation that I were to change the currency only for this client’s custom offer and reverse it back to dollars after the order completion, how would my actual earnings be affected by this action? kindly please tell me what you think?

No, Fiverr converts the currency for you. That’s why there’s no option to choose a currency in the order.

I think the confusion comes from the fact that the buyer can see a gig priced in their own currency (with conversion already applied)…for example, I see all gigs priced in GBP…so today a basic gig actually costs £4.21.

I don’t think the OPs buyers are being unreasonable…they can probably see the Euro price and want an offer based on that. I think if the OP sends them an offer it will automatically convert based on the buyers individual user settings.


Dear Personalletters,

Bingo!.. that is precisely what I am coming to think right now, this appreciated client of mine seems to be stating I work on EUR, so he requested a custom quote in that currency, well, I am asking him if this is the case now, as he actually is in the UK at the present time. I also am finding Fiverr a very clever platform with respect to currencies.

Peace and success!

Well, after the help and knowledge shared here, I could take a position and talk and explain my client what’s happening with the currencies and how Fiverr works them, so finally we got things clear and now I got a new beautiful order to work on, it is amazing how useful sharing our experiences can be, what telling our situation to others can do for us.

Just talk! This dynamic of simply telling what is happening actually opens a door that guides us from the inside, I mean, when we connect with our peers, that connection which we cannot see but we CAN feel because it is tangible inside of us, takes us and starts lightening our mind from a different perspective which, combined with the new information gathered, can lead us in the right direction to discover a solution, in fact, dear Fiverrer Personalleters came to an assertive conclusion based on my brief exposition and the feedback I received, she could connect and thus she placed herself into perspective and took a position which led to a solution, and I could place myself in the right point, then, after reading her last post, I realized I was right, I could draw a line in the correct path to resolve with my client, that’s how I happened to conclude in the same sense! it is like we hit our minds with the same light and at the same time, amazing!

I hope I have explained myself clearly, I’m writing fast and filled with emotion, deeply thankful to you all, Thanks to all of you who participated and helped me find the light I needed, now I’m celebrating one more outstanding experience on the way!


Glad you got it sorted x

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An additional tip/caveat regarding currencies:

Once, I had a customer get angry after we’d talked about an offer for quite a while because he apparently thought we were talking about whatever other dollars he had set to display, and he was fine with my price (or so we both thought) and wanted me to send a custom offer, and when I sent it, it showed a different amount to him than we’d “agreed on”.

Apparently it was more in USD and he didn’t want to order then, plus thought I’d somehow tried to scam him or whatever …

Once I realized what had happened, I explained, so it was okay from that side but he still didn’t want to order at the USD price (although that was exactly extrapolated from the rates my gig showed, meaning he saw that rate converted to his kind of dollars, so it shouldn’t have come as such a surprise to anyone with a calculator, but whatever) = waste of time for both of us.

Long story made short: Ever since, I always try to remember spelling out USD when I talk about prices, unless it’s repeat customers/regulars, and I know they know we’re talking about USD.

I had set the currency to € for a while, with the idea to not mentally need to convert it in my head all the time to know what I’m actually asking for/will be earning and to make my bookkeeping easier but then I noticed that it will then show you a mix of dollars and euros on the relevant earnings tabs/pages, and that I still can only set gig prices and send offers in USD (so if someone asks for an offer in euro, I’d need to roughly convert it to dollar and then send the offer in the roughly converted dollar amount, only to not know how many euros the customer will get it shown as by Fiverr), so I switched back to USD. For me, it’s better to see the same currency everywhere and not euro here but dollar there.

It may be nice for people that they can see the currency displayed as their own but from my POV, at least as it is currently done, it’s better to use and talk about USD.

If I could see euros throughout all tabs stats and pages and set my gig prices and send offers in euros, and withdraw in euros at a conversion rate that’s the same as I’d get from PayPal, I’d probably do that but at the moment, USD is the better setting option for me.

By the way, I believe that when I started here, the default displayed currency was USD and you had to actively change it to another currency in the footer but at some point, I suddenly had euros show without having changed the setting myself and had to set it back to USD, so I’m assuming that they switched the default to the currency of wherever your IP tells Fiverr you are.

So, it might well be that some people aren’t aware that you are seeing USD where they see whatever else, and the drop-down to change the currency isn’t very in your face, so many won’t be even aware of it.

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