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Can I recommend my client to another seller?

Hello Fiverr,

I’m new in Fiverr and getting good sales. Some time I get over order and getting knock from new buyers. In the mean time can I recommend them to another seller by giving direct gig or profile link?

Is this positive or negative in Fiverr?

Thanks everyone


i just starting on fiverr, but my sponsor maybe he new i will check and i will to let you know


I think its not a problem because you suggest them another fiverr seller…


You can do this, yes. There’s no policy against giving referrals or sending buyers in a different direction, though the buyer might be upset if they have a bad experience with the seller you recommend.


I’ve recommended other sellers a couple of times, when I know they’ll do a good job and I don’t do what they do. There’s no issue when the client is happy with their work.


I don’t recommend that in case they don’t like what they get and blame you for it.

I tried it a few times and the buyer came back and was mad at me for something the other seller said or did.


Yes that is possible, you can share the gig for other seller, un your social networks ok… its up to you… totally positive if the seller that you are promote make the think cool…fine… so negative if the seller does wrong… so have a nice day…

i agree with @misscrystal . Happened to me several times. i refer my some old colleagues to my client and then few weeks later client again came back to me and complaining about "job not done yet. please help me (etc etc)

I think it’s totally up to you. Whose profile are you going to recommend Of course he has to be a good seller. Otherwise, you will be danger.

So, First of all you have to make sure the profile you recommend must work well. And I don’t think there will be any problem if he has to be skillful…

Hi Rafidev,
Fiverr dont have any policy on t
His, You can refer any other sellers, if you know the designer and his/her work quality. But it may be backfire for you if buyer get any bad experiences from referred seller.
You can follow these thing when your orders reached your limit,
1.put your gig on pause
2. increase the delivery times of your gigs/gig packages.
3.You can also ask for a delivery extension for current orders if necessary.

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