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Can i refer my client to other gig?

Hello guys,
Please tell me one thing. I am a video editor so i have to much clients for making YouTube videos. On the other hand, A known friend has a YouTube marketing service in fiverr. So, can i send his Gig URL to my client? if my client need an person who will do youtube marketing. Due to this i don’t required to do order and it save my money also with that my client requirement will fulfill and also with that my friend get order. So, it is under terms and condition to refer one of my client of second fiverr service.


If you just typed same in search bar you would find your answer.

Yes. You can do this.


If you want to refer another seller go ahead. I will only caution that, if they fail in any way, it will reflect poorly on you.


Don’t Do That Ritesh. you just told him that you don’t provide marketing services .

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There’s nothing wrong with telling someone what you do and do not offer for a service. If you cannot sew, don’t pretend you can. What you are implying is that the OP should lie to his client.


I my real-life (away from Fiverr) I’m hesitant to make any kind of referral simply because if the experience is less than what is expected, I look bad (as someone else has mentioned already in this thread).

Referrals can be tricky.

And dangerous to one’s reputation.

Often that’s yours.


Oz geez, I ain’t marrying you then LOL
(I was taught to sew as a boy. I could knit and do embroidery too)

Jokes aside, saying what you DO NOT DO as much defines who you are as a seller as what you do do. A good client will prefer a seller who is clear about what they will do and where their limits are.

I work in Mixing Music. Many guitarists who can play really well, are useless at Mixing. They get in trouble when they claim they can mix the song they wrote for you when they will effectively undo the great work they did with a ham-fisted mix. Rather than either partnering with a Mix Engineer (which lets them confidently offer that option) or not offer that at all, they damage their reputation and earning power (whist thinking they do the opposite).

A poor client will assume that if you once fixed a motorbike, you must be able to build a space shuttle, or vice versa, which is a dangerous set of assumptions that leads to a mess. While I understand taking that on ourselves seeing poor clients are vocal and will cry if they don’t get a Ferrari for $5, we only create dramas when we don’t show both our strengths & limits. Having a limit does not make you weak, knowing where it is and not doing those things make you stronger.


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hahaha great explanation sir… :grinning:

Actually, That seller is known person to me. I know his service quality. That’s why i just asking this but Thanks for your feedback and your reply is a soft concern towards me. Thanks sir