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Can I refer my Friend's fiverr Profile to the buyer?

Hi, Hope you’re all well.

I am a wordpress developer working on a project. I need some graphics to be created for my project. I have my friend on fiverr who is a Graphic Designer.

So my question is can I share the link of his profile to buyer?


Of course you can. But it has to be given in the inbox. It cannot be given on the order page.

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Thank you :slight_smile: Can i ask what’s the reason behind that?

Fiverr never check a seller inbox. but if a buyer complain against a seller then fiverr check the seller inbox for query. but fiverr can directly check the order page

Don’t listen to what @codermaster420 is saying. It doesn’t make any sense.

You can recommend another seller to the buyer whether it is through the inbox or the order page. Just make sure that your recommendation is actually in your buyer’s best interest and not just to help out your friend. You should only recommend someone if the buyer has actually expressed that they are interested in that service.