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Can I refer to other freelancers?

I work a Minecraft Server Dev and it takes a long time to work on servers. I’ve been getting a lot of traffic lately and had to decline several offers from potential buyers. I was wondering if I could direct some of my traffic to my friend of mine instead of declining it. I plan to do this by sending the potential buyer and link to their MC-Marketplace profile. Is this against guidelines and TOS?


There is nothing against recommending another seller, as long as they can do the job. Keep in mind that if they cannot do the work, it will reflect poorly on you.

If you’re getting too many orders, it might be time to raise your prices. (Have you already used the ‘queue limit’ options?)

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I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. If you want to send them off-Fiverr, I’d definitely rather ask Fiverr customer support if that’s okay first. Fiverr probably would prefer that buyer to look for another seller on Fiverr rather than you sending them elsewhere. Maybe your friend could set up a Fiverr profile.


Oh, good point. I missed that in the OP.
Yeah, recommending someone off of Fiverr is probably a no-go.

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It is called ‘‘outsourcing,’’ of course, you can outsource jobs to other Freelancers on Fiverr. Not outside of Fiverr. I have done some outsourcing myself. I had a job I could not do, I contacted another seller and she did the job perfectly.

This is how it works, allow the buyer to place the order, get a seller who knows how to do the job- remember it must be on Fiverr - you can pay them all that the buyer paid you, or your can keep a little for yourself. The seller does the job and you deliver it to the buyer. Make sure the seller can do the job perfectly or you can also take out a little time to checkout what the seller did.
Whether you decide to pay the seller all that the buyer paid you or not, you will also receive the good review from the buyer, if they liked the job. So, it is a win win for for everyone.

I hope this is helpful?

Outsourcing is risky. Very risky.

What happens if the person you hire suddenly cannot do/finish the job? What if they do a poor job? What if the buyer is dissatisfied in any way? Then it’s a lose-lose.

It seems you didn’t read my comment very well. I already specified that before outsourcing, the seller’s ability to complete the work must be taken into cognizance.

Outsourcing is not totally bad or as risky as you have sounded. Like I said, I have done it before and it worked. However, that doesn’t rule out the fact that shits happen all the time, even with us on the job.

Above all, I only answered her question and gave her the Fiverr approved option in case she would want to consider it.