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Can I refund a order after 2 weeks?


One of my buyer threat me that he will give me a bad feedback after 2 weeks. As I think I have done his work, I can’t understand what did he want. I gave him several orders for 5$. I couldn’t satisfied him. I can’t do it again and again. However I need to do something first. As I think I can never satisfied him. It means I can’t do his order. How to cancel the order, before he give me a bad feedback. Its not my weakness. So I don’t want to be a bad seller ,because of him.


If he really did threaten you, you should contact customer support,

also attach a screen shot of that message so they know that it is true.

I think CS will cancel the order for you.


You can contact to fiverr, i had this same issue and they recommended me to mutually cancel the order to avoid negative reviews.


Will be better to contact Fiverr Support and explain them what happen. I have a only two orders from two different buyers from Israel and they never been happy. Finally I just cancel the orders and they receive the orders plus their money. Sometime is good to be written description in full details as possible. In the delivery process they will cant say nothing if your Gig have a good description and the order is as described.