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Can I refuse to work for a super critical buyer?

Question, can I refuse to work for a over critical buyer. 5 dollars for two redos, not happy with the pronunciation of the word “resources” . Did redo’s after the jobs were marked completed.

You can refuse to work for any buyer you like by cancelling an order.

If you do not want to cancel then you are obligated to do what you offer in your gig description. It takes a lot of patience sometimes as well as good customer relations skills to communicate well with buyers.

An alternative would be to politely refuse to continue with a buyer after delivery and risk a bad review. There are times when this might be preferable to being harassed.

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I had to cancel an order last week because it was clear before I had even recorded anything that my buyer would be likely to request revisions based on extreme fussiness (went through my demo reel and pointed out individual words where he didn’t like the sound etc) so I cancelled. Obviously that means you can risk your level if you do too many cancellations, but my percentage was high enough to cope. If my cancellation rate wasn’t at a high enough percentage to be able to cancel, I would have had to do it and risk the re-dos or a bad review.


Thank you, well I protected my butt, and contacted fiverr and sent them my recording. This was two weeks after being marked completed. Buyer had to wait for the client to approve it. Fiverr could not find anything wrong with the recording. So long story short, Fiverr backed me up. So rather then go through a revision and charge 5 dollars again, I decided not to. Spent way way to much time on this project. Will not affect my rating. You see I would have gladly done a 3rd take, but the client invalidated my credibility as to perform the task, after doing the first one. Clear one word missing fixed it and redid the word “resources”. Third time they added two new words saying I missed,which was not in the original script and Fiverr verified also the client failed to have these words in the original script. Thanks for reading my rant! I feel better now! LOL Have a good Day!