Can i remove a review?


Because they didn’t sent my requirements and they didn’t confirm my cancel request.


A review can’t be removed from your profile. But I think you mean something else by reading your issue


after completing your order you will not be able to open resolution. so no change no remove


Contact fiverr CS , they will give you a solution :relaxed:


How to do it???


It’s probably best not to as if you ask them to remove a review there’s a big possibility they’ll give you a warning.

The link to contact customer support is in the seller help section but in this case it’s probably not a good idea to ask them to remove a review for the reason given above.


Are you saying the buyer did not send you the requirements, so you asked to cancel?

Once you asked to cancel did your buyer refuse your request for a cancellation?

If you made a cancellation request and the buyer did not return to accept or decline it, I think I read somewhere on the forum that it would automatically cancel after 3 days. :thinking: However, you still get a hit on your cancellation but you will not get the dreaded :one: :star: review that says buyer failed to finish on time.

Maybe someone else knows if that is correct or not. :wink:


I think what you say about cancellations is correct, but the post seems to be about an order that has already been reviewed by the buyer (review posted very recently - only shows on 1 of the gigs) so it’s not possible to cancel the order since it’s complete, and asking CS for the review to be removed/changed risks a warning.

edit: I wonder if re-delivering (with a change made) could be done if possible, if not on the order page maybe in a message if there was an error of any kind in the delivery or a miscommunication in what was required but which could now be clear or could be clarified with the buyer, or whether that would also likely lead to a warning for appearing to try to get a better review (review manipulation)? Perhaps the OP could ask CS whether it would be okay to deliver (in a message if required) a modified version of the delivery - if that would be okay and wouldn’t risk a warning.

ie. I don’t think the text that appears at the bottom of the image was meant to appear there. At least not all like that. Maybe only a few words of it. A lot of it (or all) was just for the OP to know about when creating the image I think.

Also, to the OP, for future orders, if the buyer doesn’t send the requirements or the requirements aren’t clear, another option is to message the buyer asking for clarification. You could also make needed parts of the requirements section mandatory.


I think you are correct. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was so focused on interpreting the post I forgot to take the title into consideration. :open_mouth: