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Can I remove my warning?


Unfortunately I have got two warning for my mistake…Can I remove my warning ???
Please anyone clearly explain me…


No. If it is your mistake you can NEVER remove them.
Read TOS and follow the rules.


will it stay my account forever??


Each warning will stay active for 90 days from the day you received it.
Get 3 active warnings, and you will lose your account.

(In some cases, one warning can lead to a permanent deactivation of your account, so consider yourself lucky you got 2 warnings and still have your profile. Follow the rules and you should be fine)


Thank you so much for your tips…


Take note that Fiverr keeps a record of warnings forever. They aren’t active in that they don’t count for automatic demotion after 60-90 days but Fiverr does remain aware that you’ve had warnings in the past. There is nothing you can do about that except not get any more warnings.


Hey fonthaunt,
Thanks for your valuable response and information…


No, you can not. It is always good to give some time to read at least ToS before start selling to get avoid being warned.

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