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Can i rename my fiver a/c username?

Hi, i get an order recently and working on it . its going well. it is almost done and i will submit it tomorrow. now the problem is my username. i use a nick name in my profile. so now i have to withdraw money my a/c will be my real name. So
can i change my fiver user name ?
and does it gonna make any effect in my a/c and current order ?

i am really worried about it.

thanks in advance


You cannot change your username, it will not effect your withdrawal.


so far i know, username can be anything and it doesn’t effect on withdraw

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thanks u release me from tension

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thanks brother for your help.

@sayalok You can’t change your user name and your user name will not effect to withdrawal you just give a mail for conformation.

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Your username isn’t important for withdraw money…Don’t worry bro

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