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Can i replace the existing gig images with new images?

can i replace the existing gig images with new images?
If I do this, it will not cause any problem to my account? Such as a gig deletion or an account banned issue, etc.
Please give me advice on it.


Yes, You can change gig images anytime. There is no problem with changing images. But make sure, you use copyright-free images.


Thank you so much.
I’m very happy from your suggestion.

i want to confirm again that are you sure 100%?

Yes, you can. There is no problem

Thanks. I also wanted to know the answer to this question.

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Welcome! Stay safe Stay Home!

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Yes, I’m 100% sure. I changed it many times.

@logos_designer6 you can

Can I use images that I delivered to buyers (I do photoshop) as gallery images for my gig?

Thanks for your question, it’s really great question. I want to know the same question and it’s pretty helped for all of us. I think most of the new sellers want to know the answer.

if your buyer doesn’t have any problem you can use. but if you have the live portfolio it’s already showing on your gig. i hope you got your answer

Sure, but if the gig works with your actual ones, keep them xD

you can change your gig image anytime. but i think changes to your gig, takes it off search results for a short period of time.