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Can I reply to a buyer after delivering gig?

Hello I just finished a gig for a buyer. But the buyer wants to proof read/ go over my work before it is published. If I click deliver gig, will I not be able to contact the buyer any more? The buyer still needs to give me the yes to publish what they asked for. So, if I click deliver, I don’t know if the buyer will be able to contact me back and give me the okay to publish it. Please help! Has anyone ever delivered a gig and then tried to contact the buyer? Or has the buyer contacted you after you delivered it?


After delivering you will still be able to keep contact through the order page.

Even after the order has been marked as completed.

Also note you can communicate with a buyer during the process of the gig. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the gig and see the big box that you can input a message and send. The box is below the “deliver” button. I think it is usually “ghosted” so it may appear you can not use the communication box but you can. Also in your case I would post a disclaimer at the start of the message noting the gig is not complete…for review only etc and note other relevant info to CYA - just a thought…