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Can I report a buyer?

Someone with username “***********” was sent me a message about basketball video, and then we discussed until he agreed with my price, so I sent my custom offer to him.

When he got my offer he didn’t accept that, he said “I will order later when I get home in 3 hours”. I was waiting and then I sent some message to him after 5 hours, just for making sure, but he didn’t respond my message.

5 hours later he asked me to record a voice over but I said I cannot do that, and then he told me he will back to me after he get someone to do voice over.

One day later he asked me to down my price, then we dealt with a new price. He sent me all the footages and the voice over, he also asked me to sent new custom offer. But when I sent the offer he just said “I’m driving, I will order when I get home”. Okay I tried to trust him.

12 hours later I downloaded all the footages and make some editing sample for him, then I sent to him. But he didn’t respond my video.

One day later he responded my video he gave me some instruction. But 3 hours after that he sent me one video with a text “We got it done”. I got angry and then I asked him with polite about the project, but he said “LOL. I don’t owe you nothing, I got a professional team to do the job”.

So, can I report this buyer? Am I wrong?


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You’ll have to remove the buyer’s username, as it’s not allowed to call others out on the forum.

Unfortunately, since he didn’t actually accept the offer, there’s nothing CS can do. This is a good lesson to learn from. Never begin work on an order until the buyer has actually purchased your gig.

Hopefully this is the last time you have to deal with this.


@maddisont pretty much summed it up.


Same experience. Buyer don’t follow agreement.

There is nothing to report :woman_shrugging: Or are you going to report someone because they didn’t buy from you?

He wasn’t rude or abusive and it was your choice to start working on his order before you got your payment. That will be a lesson for you to start working only after you receive orders.


I admit, there were some rare cases when I stared working on the order before the offer was accepted, but this was ONLY because it was with a regular/repeat buyer whom I’ve worked with for months/years.
In most cases I would never start working on an order.

I think it is OK to get “ready” for a potential order, for example I was once asked if I can draw a certain character from a certain time period, we sent messages back and forth several times, we agreed with a price and I sent an offer, and while I was waiting for the buyer to accept I quickly Googled costumes and dresses from that time period to get an idea, but I spent only several minutes.
In the end that order was not accepted since he found another buyer who was going to do the work for a cheaper price.
Wasn’t angry though, it happens. :sweat_smile:

I was a biiiit disappointed, I thought drawing those French ladies with very tall wigs with the battle ships on their heads would be a fun project!


I though that is your problem, because you start processing orders before the customer place the order . If "he said “I will order later when I get home in 3 hours” , then just wait till he real place the order , if he don’t do it. just forget it , you don’t need to send him a lot message to ask him again and again , Some buyers will contact multiple different sellers at the same time, to inquire about the price,and comparison … etc .

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I think by now you’ve understand where you went wrong, but just out of curiosity: What did you intended to report this buyer for?

@mariashtelle1 is :100:% right.

I read the first few lines and stopped. Want to know why?

Rule #1 NEVER start working for a :shopping_cart: Window-Shopper. Are you here to make money or work for FREE?

Rule #2 Don’t waste CS time by reporting a user who didn’t place an order in the first place.

Rule #3 Please read rule #1. Time is a terrible thing to waste. You’re exhausting too much time :watch: and energy on a non-paying window-shopper.