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Can I report against any seller?

If someone copies my gig title, even the URL is same, can I able to report against that seller?

yes you can if you have proof.

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I made my gig 1.6 year ago. And he made the gig 6 month ago, So can I able to report?

Contact customer support with your proofs they will get action.

It can be quite difficult to have a unique URL when many people are offering similar, but not identical, services.

They may be offering the same service as you do - if the description etc. are copies then think of reporting, but I wouldn’t base it just on the URL.

There must be many URLs which are identical for lots of services.


He is offering the same service that I’m providing… And the title was same, (although I changed my title today) but the url stays same.

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If it was just the URL I wouldn’t be too upset - can you imagine how many design-a-logo or write-an-article, design-a-business-card there must be?

Also, sellers may create a URL like that for simplicity’s sake, and then do exactly as you’ve done, which is to improve the title so it gives more detail etc. Yes, URLs stay the same even when they’ve been edited. :slightly_smiling_face:

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