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Can I report "potential" buyers that try to squeeze out free advice?

Can I report “potential” buyers that try to squeeze out free advice? This is actually starting to get to be rather annoying, really. Generally those that come by, want a whole free consultation and then say, “Thanks for the information” and never place any sort of order. Aka, free information. I wish I could set a price just for individuals seeking consultation specifically to message me. Not referring to those asking general inquiries.

there is no point in reporting them as they are just asking questions. Just send them a nice custom offer or tell them what they are asking for will require the services of xyz gig and feel free to place an order. You will not hear from 95% of them again.

Thank you for the good idea. I am going to make a consultation gig. $5 for 10 minutes of consultation. I’m getting many people a day wanting extensive consultations. It’s time consuming.

You can report any unsolicited messages if you wish. There is no rule against it. You can also try a consultation gig or custom quote.

Why not just tell them that you don’t provide free consulting services? That’s what I tell buyers who send me a message asking me to “look at my website and tell me what you can do for me.” Sure, you probably still won’t get a sale, but…c’mon, those probably aren’t people you want to work with anyway, right?

Oh, I just love people who want me to rewrite “their” website and ask me to go and tot up all the different pages’ word counts for them to give them a quote. I mean, if it’s more than 1000 words, I’m just going to note that the project will probably cost upwards of $1000.

That’s when they disappear. I can be lazy too!

Oh, yes. “Here’s our website, how can you help us?”, or, “Here’s our website, can you write us a script?”

That’s when I politely tell them that, as stated in the gig description, I don’t offer consultations, so, if they’re not sure what they want/need, I can’t help them. Either that, or I tell them “Hi, thank you for taking interest in my services, to write a video script I need to know the following” and give them my requirements.

Yeah, the word “report” may be a bit harsh, but it’s a good way to get my point across. Yeah, I think in the future if I feel they have a lot of questions i’ll just send them a consultation quote and if they don’t get back to me i’ll consider them as not serious enough of buyers.

I don’t like writing scripts. Typically buyers don’t have any ideas about what the script should be like, and they’re going to send it off to someone else to create a video.


a) I have no idea what style of video they want (animated? Webinar-y? Whiteboard?) so I can’t “visualize” a script, if that makes sense

b) Of course, people who have no idea what they want will suddenly develop a crystal clear vision once they’ve received the script (grrr)

c) I don’t provide storyboards or any of the other stuff. I don’t even know how to format a script–sure, I can grab a template, but I’m not overly familiar with the conventions.

d) the product is usually hot ass. Sure, I’ll write a jaunty little “Meet Paul…” storyline that whacks in the benefits, but I still feel like I’m delivering substandard crap because I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Anyway, I generally decline these requests unless I have a good feeling about the buyer (due to not being entirely clueless themselves!), but video marketing is a lucrative little niche so I am spending a little time learning more about how it all works. But really, if I was going to offer this on Fiverr I would have a specific gig for it along with a questionnaire to help me write the damn thing to their tastes.

As it is, ugh. That said, I would like to one day be able to pen such masterpieces as this:

But let’s face it, the budget for that video is probably way over an average Fiverr user’s budget…everything is just perfect in that video!

I actually got reported a few times previously by telling someone I don’t offer free advice and Fiverr CS contacted me telling me something along the lines a while back that i’m obligated to respond to all messages. Apparently I wasn’t “polite” enough when the individual wanted me to do a whole lot of work I don’t do for $5. I’m not sure if the “policy” still stands but they were a high volume buyer. It seems if they buy a lot no matter how silly the request Fiverr seems to side with them.

@catwriter I may start telling them I don’t offer consultations unless they pay me a good sum of money unless it seems like it would be a simple request.

@emmaki I’ve been getting a lot more people nowadays that don’t seem to know what they want. Before they came in, told me specifics and asked me if I can help.

Thanks for sharing that video! Certain things will never be the same again. :smiley:

As for the script writing problems, I ask buyers to tell me what they had in mind for the visuals (animation, spokesperson video, whatever), and all the key points and all the information they want the script to cover. If they don’t know what they want (and basically tell me to ‘just write something’), I politely tell them that I can’t help them, and wish them the best of luck with their project.

I don’t draw storyboards, either. Drawing a storyboard should be done by an illustrator (some script writers also draw storyboards, but I’m not one of them; my drawing would be of no help to anyone). To add to the fun of writing scripts: sometimes buyers say that they want a video script when they actually want a voice over script, or that they want a storyboard, and actually want a video script.

that is a seriously brilliant video! Thanks so much for making my morning forum procrastination so worthwhile! Love it :slight_smile:

19 million views! and its a real product lol… I’d say the price of that commercial would be along the price of a super bowl ad! It probably generates more sales then that mystifying ice-creaming unicorn produces cream!

But the ending with the children… !

Yeah, i’m thinking just to send out quotes in association with my main gig so if they leave a negative feedback(knowing some buyers they would.) it wouldn’t impact my rankings as badly. As much as i’d like to hope that a negative feedback won’t be left on something as simple as a consultation in regards to potentially coming to the conclusion that their specific request I don’t offer, it seems rather risky to make a gig independent of itself. i’d rather actually have a feature that’s built-in that charges them to send me messages if their question goes beyond a general inquiry to avoid a potential disruption of feedback.

What child doesn’t want to eat ice-cream? My favorite bit was the haiku.

I don’t remember a haiku.

It was that Amazon review that the poopicorn read out in that sonorously deep voice. Honestly, I’m going to go watch it again just for that bit.

My actual favorite (and I know this is off topic, but I’ve had to deal with three of these people today and it is annoying) is when they ask about my turnaround time and I tell them that it could be as long as fourteen days (OH NOES SO LONG), and then the next message they send me is something passive-aggressive like, “It would help if we can have 1 article within 3 days from today (date of order) and if all good, we will place additional order for 6 reviews and they can be delivered within 4-5 days of order.”

Um…what? Did you not read the message I sent you where I said that turnaround time is in between ten and fourteen days? I don’t just make these numbers up for fun. That’s how far out I am booked up on my schedule, meaning that those slots that you’re asking for are already taken by people who had the forethought to order at least a week ago. There is no reason that you need any sort of writing in the next three days. You might want it, but if you needed it, you wouldn’t have waited until now.

How do people not understand that it’s insulting to respond to a message where I tell them how quickly I can get their work done with a message completely ignoring what I told them and asking if they can have it in like a fourth of the time, especially when it’s phrased like “they can be delivered,” as if they’re granting me the luxury of delivering it in that time frame which is less than half of how long I told them it would take.


Yeah, I have one ($5 gig!). I said “delivery sometime next week” last week. They wanted it more immediately and I said “that’s a $100 extra, and I have x orders in the queue ahead of you, please be patient or order the extra and I’ll get it to you in the next couple of hours”.

Of course, that led to radio silence until yesterday, when they wanted an update so they’re at the bottom of the pile for tomorrow. FWIW, there are still 4 bloody days before the deadline and this is not a time-sensitive project!

I would leave it until Monday, but I’ve already said I’d do it this week. Buyers: I am not responsible for your time organization. I offer extra fast, or in the queue. Pick one.

I had this guy scheduled for yesterday…if he’d just been patient and not pestered me, he’d be a happy chap by now. As it is…