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Can I request for a refund after 30 days or more after the order has been marked as completed

Hello everyone,

I have a pending order which I haven’t decided to place order because he may take money and run away.

“I want my Facebook page to be verified with blue badge”. The seller said he can get it done for my account. But he needs money do a lot work first in order to get my page verified. Therefore, he will mark my order as completed as soon as i place my order on his gig so that he can get the money to spend after 15 days as released by Fivver. But note that at this date I(buyer) haven’t received my service yet. He said it may take him about 15 days more to get my page approved. So, in this case I must wait 30 days to really know if he can really deliver the service.

My question, can I get a refund back if he will never deliver his work as agreed in the order after 30 days that he marked the order as completed?

This sounds like a really big red flag - they’re asking to be paid before the work is even completed? very risky, I wouldn’t advise doing this.


Don’t fall for it. An order does not work that way. Making a Facebook page verified depends on a lot of factors and depending on the current state of your page, it may take a long time. So, one simply can’t assure you about making your page verified within 15 days. Sounds fishy.


Thank you. I just don’t feel right about it too.

Thank you for your help

He said that my page has met criteria to be certified for blue badge. So, it won’t take long.

Yeah, this is a crazy request.
How many reviews does the seller have?

Fiverr allows to take order up to 30 Days and you can extend the time on the order to the max so that when seller get the job done seller can deliver the screen shot, mark the order as complete for the seller…

Until the order is completed by the seller, seller can not use the Deliver now button as it is not a complete job, may even end up getting a warning on account for that

In other words, he intends to violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Sellers aren’t allowed to use the delivery button until the work is completed.

The seller might be planning to withdraw the funds after 15 days and then just ignore you.

As per Terms of Service, you can get a refund for up to 2 weeks after the order was marked as complete.

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