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Can I require a buyer to buy one gig before they purchase another related one

Hi, I’m brand new at this so I’m not at level 1 yet. I posted a gig recently that said I will program an email system to do something for 1-10 days. Someone’s interested and they asked for 12 days. I didn’t consider that but now I’m thinking what if I post a gig for an 11-15 day product but require that they buy the 1-10 days first. Can I do that?

If I can’t, how do charge them for over what I said I would deliver…I’m not eligible for extras yet…

Just change your gig description to something like 1 - 10 days $5, anything more equals two gigs. Mind you, personally I’d let the current enquirer have what they enquired about for $5 as a goodwill gesture for giving you the idea that you could charge more.