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Can I resend documents without the customer requesting a revision?

I’ve been working with one buyer for a couple weeks, he had a lot of documents that he needed bookmarked. I’m still kinda learning the more advanced options of the software I’m using, and as I was working on job #5, I realized that I had made a less-than-ideal formatting decision on the previous documents I’d delivered to him. I offered to make changes to the other documents, and he said that he has a deadline (the 11th) and so he just wanted me to do the future documents the corrected way.

The thing is, it’s a simple thing to fix, and I could get it all done in about 20 minutes or so. He’s been awesome to work with, and since I feel like I didn’t do my best work, I’d like to go ahead and correct them and send them to him, but I can’t do it on the original orders because they’ve already been marked complete. Can I just send them to him through the messaging system, so he doesn’t have to request the revisions? Sorry if it’s a silly question. He seems to be satisfied with the work, but I’m not and I want to fix it, especially since I can get it done today (I just completed two more jobs for him, so I know that if he gets them today it won’t be too late).

Sorry if this is a really silly question lol


Sure. You can send him revised documents through the messaging system. Even if he does not want to use them, he should appreciate you wanted him to have the best format/work.



Awesome, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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