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Can I say the buyer for 5 stars?

Recently I have done a project, but my buyer doesn`t give me any review. :frowning_face:
Can I say the buyer to give me 5 stars? :slightly_smiling_face:


never do that,if you do that you violated fiverr policy


oh, what should I do now? :frowning_face:

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If you say that to them you could get a warning on your account.

oh, what should I do now?

Nothing more on that order (unless they ask for revisions). Just wait. They might review it, they might not. It’s up to the buyer whether they review.


oh. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a bad idea as Fiverr might see it as pressuring the buyer about a review. It’s best to not mention reviews at all.


hum, maybe right. :thinking:

Nope. Don’t even type the word review in the box, let alone ask for one… unless you want to get flagged - and suspended from fiverr. Fiverr has a very clear policy regarding NOT asking, coercing, etc buyers to give reviews.

If you have completed the order -you have done your job - be happy, and leave it at that.


NO! :scream_cat:!

As @socialhonor honor said :arrow_down:

I got this note from CS when I asked about asking for reviews. :arrow_down:


no, you cant …


Learnt from the forum : Do not FORCE your buyers to leave you reviews. work with your best so they will leave you reviews. There is no agreement between you and the buyer, that review is mandatory. They pay for the work. That’s it. Review is extra outcome that you earn from an order. :wink:

Plus, Fiverr reminds every buyer at least two times to leave a review. If we also remind the buyer to leave a review, it is redundant, and they may get upset with us and leave a lower review.

Also, consider that some buyers are busy, and they may be back to review later because they have ten days to do so. Plus, some buyers like to be anonymous and not leave a trail on Fiverr as to what they buy and from which seller.


Just do your work, be polite and show to your buyer that you are available.

My job is to create engagement between visitors and the services my clients offer, try to Acquire Leads and Sell their products.
I always work on my projects imagining the businesses were mine and what I would have done. In this way I try to think what will be better for my client. Don’t think about money, but how the experience will help you to grow as a person by adding you more skills and experience.

Most of the time you already know what your client’s review is going to be by the communication you have had with them. During the order, you build a relation between you and your customer.

Recently I have had tips on 50% of my orders. It’s all about communication skills and of course providing quality work.


I work to do the same as @stefanyoshovski does. I NEVER ask for reviews yet my review rate is 82%.

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vickiespencer yes, you are right. :+1:

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This is FIVERR TOS. Never Do that.

@fatemamollik we also already told you before that using fiverr logo in your picture is also against fiverr TOS and you still didn’t take actions to change it :thinking:


I am so sorry. Thank you so much for telling me. I will not make such a mistake again.

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In my opinion having a friendly relationship with the buyer is the most important thing if you can do it then you don’t have to force the buyer for five-star reviews. Wish you all the best :+1: