Can I see where my gig has been collected?


I tried to search for this, but it was difficult as every post about collecting gigs were included. My question is basically this; my gigs have been collected by 5-7 collections each, but I can only view one or two on my gig page. Is there any way for me to see which collections they’ve been collected in? There’s no links or button that I can follow that tells me; I can only see the one(s) included on my gig page, and they never change.

I wasn’t sure where to place this, so just went general. Hope someone can help with this! (I’m sure I’m not the only one curious to know this; although, I’m sure most would be more interested to see where their gigs have been collected than in mine!)


I’d be interested in knowing this as well please.


Maybe I should’ve put this in the Suggestion area instead!