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Can I sell a service on Fiverr, which is later renewed through my own company?

I’m not sure the best way to word what I am considering.

I want to offer a web hosting service to my customers on here. My proposed gig would give the customer one year of web hosting for the $5 gig price, once this one year has come to an end, would I then be allowed to renew the service at my regular price and accept payment through my company directly? Of course the gig would clearly state that $5 is only for the first year, and after that the price would rise to my regular annual price.

Do the Fiverr rules permit something like this?

You would not be able to sell the service you mentioned on Fiverr at all. Fiverr does not allow services that offer anything guaranteed to last past 30 days. I think the reason for this is that you can only set a delivery time to about the same, so if your service fails for any reason after 6 months (for example) the buyer cannot come to Fiverr Customer Support for a refund or help.

You could sell hosting in short-term amounts here and the buyer could re-purchase each month, but if you try to refer that buyer to find you outside Fiverr, you are likely to have your entire account banned. Offering off-Fiverr contact info for the purpose of selling off-Fiverr is explicitly against the Terms of Service.


Web hosting service is not allowed on Fiverr. To be sure I would suggest that you contact Customer Service.

Good Luck

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What you are basically asking is, can I use Fiverr platform as a lead magnet to draw traffic to my own site and make sales there? NO. Fiverr without the payment processing fees is no Fiverr at all. That is how the team receives revenue for themselves, that is how they pay their bills and keep the platform afloat.

Ok thanks all for your information, glad that I asked before doing it :slight_smile:

I won’t offer the service in this case. Thanks for your help