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Can I sell a white label software as a service business in a box on fiverr?


Hey Fiverr Community,
Thanks, in advance for the input.

I’m new to selling and have been a buyer for quite sometime.
I’m a marketing and software geek at heart.

After a mentor taught me to take my most common solutions and to systematize them into a SaaS, I realized that it serves such large market, that there is plenty of room for others.

My question is 2 part:
Am I allowed to sell this 'business in a box?
AND, if it’s built on 3rd party software, am I still ok?

Again, thanks in advance for the input,


I would suggest sending this to Customer support instead of the forum, just to be sure.
On the one hand, I cant see anything wrong with it as such and I have seen sellers selling white-label courses etc but on the other hand, it is better to be sure BEFORE posting it :slight_smile:


YOU AGAIN :smiley:

Great and now obvious suggestion.

Thank you my friend,


I swear, I’m not following you.



:blush: Awe Shucks :blush:


Approved by customer service and sent through a higher department for clarity!!

Thanks for the suggestion, now im confident.


have seen many white label ebooks being resold here…


Are you selling the software, or the service?




On one gig I intend to sell the service and on another gig I intend to sell the business/software.


That man is a marketer :slight_smile:
Software on one sale
Service on one sales, perfect way to split a normal gig into two gigs :slight_smile:


Are you sure you want to do that? I wouldn’t do it that way. I would do one or the other.


I value your input.
Please explain why?


It will be 2 different gigs and each will serve a different audience


You are selling your entire business that way. You need to have something in reserve. It’s hard to explain.

No it’s going to be the same audience, seeing both gigs. It’s going to make both of them seem to have no value.

It’s like someone will say to themself ok here is this guy selling this service, but wait, he is also selling the software for his service, but wait, he is also selling the service the software creates, neither of those must be any good. It sounds like some kind of gimmiky thing.

With one or the other you can create the impression of value but not with both.


I know I am selling the entire business :smiley:

That is my intention.

There will be 3 packages, one will be Just the software, two will add prospecting, email and copy templates and three will add personal setup and coaching.

This is why I am ok with doing this.
This software is of value to LITERALLY ANY business that sells a product or service and will serve them at a HIGH level, if they have multiple products or services. This means, there is room for everyone. The one rule I will have is that you’re not allowed in MY vertical AND even if they do come into my vertical, I have a secret weapon.

I’ll share that secret weapon, if you like? :smiley:


Just the idea makes me not want it. I can’t explain it. But that is just my opinion.

Instead of you wanting to sell someone a service of value it comes across as a gimmick. More of a get rich quick scheme.


Based on what the OP’s said, I’d see it more that he’s offering a ‘do it yourself’ or ‘I’ll do it for you’ option.

That would seem unfounded.


That is because you are seeing the connection.
The gigs won’t appear the way you are seeing it here.

It’s kind of like the principle that I like sausage, but I don’t want to see how the sausage is being made. You are back here in the sausage factory with me right now.

The gigs will not appear to be connected.

One will be a service to add value to your existing business.
The other will be a software business for someone who has no business idea, but wants to start a business. The copy will be vastly different.


Ok good luck then. …



That is all in the copy.
I am wiser than that.