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Can I sell hosting plans?

I wonder, can I sell hosting plans that costs about 5$. If so how can I do the recurring. According to the fiverr rules. We can’t sell or buy offsite. So is there any way to do this thing?


Reply to @joethorn: Actually I have been on fiverr for more than one year and only got two gigs. I don’t know what is the wrong with my gigs. :frowning:

Reply to @sdglhm:

Yeah, multiple gigs would accomplish the same thing. Becoming a level 1 seller isn’t too difficult. Just 1 month of service and 10 sales. You could get there soon.

I guess you’d have to sell it as an extra. I’m not sure if any hosting plans offer a months hosting at a time that you could use for a single $5 order. If so, you could add longer periods and get more money by including them as a gig extra.

Keep in mind Fiverr keep $1 out of every $5, though.

Reply to @kjblynx: I have searched trough the fiverr site and saw some guys are doing it just fine. Thanks for the comment.

Reply to @joethorn: But I can’t access gig extras as I’m just a normal seller. Nor level one or level two either. So Multiple gigs will do the thing, correct?