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Can i sell my coupons on Fiverr?


I was wondering, if I can legally obtain coupons for restaurant chains etc. am I able to sell a package deal on Fiverr?


That doesn’t sound right…all gigs start with “I will…” I will what? sell you discount coupons? I think even if it was legit, you would have a hard time with people knowing that it’s real.

The other thing is you need to look over in general is that even if you can get the coupons for a restaurant, is that most coupons that are worth anything are non-transferable. I don’t think someone is going to pay for a coupon that is 25% off…it would have to be some service or product that is close to next to nothing and a super big discount, but you are not groupon, LOL.


I would confirm it with customer support first. It seems like it could or could not be allowed. Better to not risk it.

Also, I don’t think you’re allowed to have amazon review gigs. Especially duplicate ones.


Reply to @kjblynx: It gets tiring, doesn’t it?


Reply to @kjblynx: I totally dig it.