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Can I sell My kids talent gig here

Hello Guys!

Any one know can I can sell my kids talent here? I found some good talent like singing and they can we model for kids product…

Is this valid here according to Fiverr policy ?

And one more thing , my friend she is model and dont have much exp with fiverr and really don’t have time . But she want me to sell her talent here , I create gig under my account.

Is this ok ? can we do that?


Can they act? If so, how old are they?



Of course you can, it’s no different than being a stage mom or an actor’s agent. You can even call your gig “I will have my kids sing and dance for $5” or “have my kids wish you a happy birthday” or whatever you want. Are your kids too young for the Fiverr revenue card? Maybe they should have accounts of their own, that is if you want to teach them the value of making money.

Reply to @kjblynx: Good point, I don’t know much about those things because I’m 39, so I grew up without Facebook, social media, PayPal, etc. I still remember those clunky credit card machines you’d move forward and backwards to leave an imprint of the credit card in the merchant’s receipt.

Do you have nieces and nephews? Are you trying to get them to join Fiverr? I am. Not that they listen. LOL

I’ve seen a gig with 2 kids selling themselves telling jokes. I imagine a parent handles the account but the kids do the work. I believe Fiverr has a rule that you have to be 13 to have your own account but otherwise I don’t know of any rules against it. In fact, I think the “joke” kids were featured.

Well, I think there is nothing wrong about it so better start adding a gig now.


See I can act… If you want anything on that… I will serve you best…

Just Contact me :wink:

You could always contact Customer Support and ask them before setting the gig up. :slight_smile: