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Can I sell my work done in Free templates?

I am a new seller and need to know if I can sell my work done in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or Google Forms, Sheets, and Slides by using Free Templates.

The sites say it is OK TO USE THE TEMPLATES FOR PERSONAL AND COMMERCIAL USE. But is it against Fiverr rules and is there a chance of my gig getting removed for plagiarism?


If you copy the whole thing then it might cause problem for your client. But you won’t face any issues.


I mean the work and editing and formatting is still mine, I will also make some changes in the template, just not major ones. I was just unsure because Fiverr once rejected my gig( i didn’t get orders for it) because i used google forms logo image which didn’t belong to me.

You can’t provide someone else’s image/content exactly same as they uploaded.
If you customize them little bit then it won’t violate fiver regulations.