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Can i sell royalty free stock photos?

I want to know that can I sell Royalty Free Stock Photos ? I have created a gig on it. So if, it is against the rule of Fiverr then I will remove the gig. Please let me know if it is OK or wrong. Thank you

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I’m not an expert on stock photography in particular but I’m pretty sure no license allows reselling the product (the resource you’ve purchased or obtained in any other way for your own usage) “as is” (unedited/unchanged).

PS I’ll watch this topic, please correct me if there are exceptions, anyone.


You’ll have to check every site with royalty free stock photos that you intend to use, and read their terms, licenses, and everything else where they state what is allowed, and what isn’t. For example, many of those sites (if not all) don’t allow selling unaltered images; you can’t just sell them as you found them on those sites, you’d have to edit them.

Did you do that (check the terms or licenses), or did you just create the gig, and now expect others to do your work (as stated in Fiverr’s Terms of Service, it’s up to sellers to ensure they have all the necessary licenses to sell whatever it is they’re selling)?


Most royalty free sites have a personal or commercial license with or without attribution but never have I ever seen a reselling license on loyalty free products. To answer your question, if the platform you are getting the photos from, allows you to sell them as your own, then I believe fiverr wouldn’t have anything against it.

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Thank you everyone for replying ! Love you all & Love you Fiverr <3

I’m not sure about that and would recommended that OP checks this with support instead of the forum, to be sure.

Independent of whether the sites OP wants to take royalty free images from to sell, allow it, Fiverr might classify a gig selling unaltered free stock images from other sites as “exceedingly low quality gig” and, at least in writing, such actually are against Fiverr’s terms.


I am NOT saying this is allowed. I have no idea if it is or not.

I have, however, seen people who sell the service of locating appropriate free images and charging for that instead of actually charging for the photos themselves. It is a rather tricky workaround, I guess. Again, no clue if it’s allowed or not.

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Yes, when you buy the extended license, but it’s very pricey!

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Finally, I removed that gig ! Thank you all for your valuable comments <3

I think that’s not a good idea to sell the images in this marketplace, which are already available freely on Google (stock sites). However I can’t suggest you that is it against fiverr terms or not. In my opinion, checking the fiverr terms and conditions and the stock website terms can be helpful for you…

I don’t think that sound safe for your reputation on fiverr