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Can I sell T shirts on Fiverr

Sup Fiverr Forum, I have been on fiverr for about a year, doing very well, Question is, can I sell a t shirt as part of my gig extra to mail out? I do DJ drops, was wondering if I can offer a package where they buy a $50 gig and get a Free T-shirt. Thanks for the suggestions

My suggestion would be to open a Customer Support ticket and explain plainly what you want ti do. Technically Fiverr allows for $50 custom gigs and/or $50 extras. They also have an option go sell physical goods. The issue could be in the blend with a non-physical gig and needing contacf info for a free physical shipment. That’s a little different from just selling a product. As long as CS gives you the green light you should be fine but I’d want to be sure before you risk asking for contact info.

The other option I can think of is selling t-shirts at retail cost as a gig by itself. That way you could mention in your DJ drop gig that is they spend $50 you’ll send them a custom offer based on your t-shirt gig with a heavy discount from the retail shirt cost. That way the physical product would remain a part of a separate gig.

I think @fonthaunt’s idea about a separate t-shirt gig is the way to go. It gives you more search fodder and also lessens the chance of problems with the ‘combination’ gig.