Can I sell the final product from a tutorial?


So I have already sent a message to support to also get their say on the matter. For a while now I have not been promoting my fiverr gigs because I am currently doing a full makeover of how I deliver my service. While online I have been watching some courses of video editing and was wondering. If I watch a video on how to create something (e.g a car) then fully recreate what I see on the video, Can I sell the final output?? Note that I won’t sell the source files but only the final output.


I don’t think so, unless you bring some visible/significant changes to it. If it was my tutorial, and I’d see you recreate my stuff exactly and sell it, I wouldn’t like that :stuck_out_tongue: And I reckon you wouldn’t either :smiley:

If you can’t bring visible/significant changes, you can still ask the tutorial author a written permission to recreate his work for selling it :wink: I’d do that, and I think CS will tell you to do the same.


The course I watched was a paid one and the license attached was a standard royalty free. I know that I can’t resell the tutorial with that kind of license but about the final product. I know royalty free means I don’t have to give credit but what does it mean what it comes to reselling the final product?