Can I sell using more than one account?


Hi, Folks:

I looked through the archived files here and didn’t see an answer to this question. I would like to open another seller account to focus on my career and writing services and keep my current seller account focused on my design services. Is this allowed? I definitely don’t want to violate Fiverr’s policies.

Thank you in advance for your input! :slight_smile:




Thanks for all the input and advice! I think I will just stick with one account–don’t want to chance having my account shut down.


Reply to @animusargentis: Well, they aren’t hooked up to a paypal and aren’t selling anything, so I’d doubt they’d notice or care - they’re inert/harmless.


Reply to @madmoo: It is probably advisable, yes, but I’m just saying why it is worded so vaguely and why it has been for at least a year… I found an old discussion about this earlier today… With an AnarchoFighter and you? I believe, having a similar discussion.

I’m just explaining the legal and reasoning aspects behind the way they’ve presented things.

I searched because I have… Two? Other logins, that I’m thinking about purchasing things with - I purchased something with this account the other day and got about eight messages - Hi, I saw you bought a gig that’s JUST LIKE MINE! WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY MINE NOW?!

No. Go away.


Reply to @madmoo:

Well, they aren’t hooked up to a paypal and aren’t selling anything, so I’d doubt they’d notice or care - they’re inert/harmless.

Replied to myself… D’OH!


Reply to @madmoo: That’s legalese for "don’t abuse our system."

They can’t shut down two profiles for having the same ISP (only way to tell if someone has two accounts) - what if two people rooming together find Fiverr and create accounts? While people may room together, that doesn’t mean they trust one another with things such as passwords, emails, funds and the like. From what is written above, a household is allowed to have multiple accounts, so long as each account is connected to a different verified paypal account.

Yes, I can think of multiple loopholes - different banks. Connect a paypal to a savings account and then another to your checking. Pre-paid cards. Throwaway phones.

There are legitimate reasons to have multiple accounts from one ISP - say you run a Fiverr based business, somehow. “Extras are CRUCIAL” to the gigs, so they are fifty, sixty dollar orders, all of them. Orders come in through twenty different accounts, work is divvied up based on time, availability and level of challenge - payday is in two weeks, money drops into different paypals that then forward to a master account - boss cashes out to employees and keeps a small chunk for himself - maybe he runs all the accounts, maybe the employees market their little gig all day long on social media and all handle different accounts.

Families. A seller and a buyer living under the same roof.

A seller wanting to diversify.

As long as each account is attached to a different paypal account, there should be no trouble.

These odds and ends reasons are why Fiverr has left this sort of loophole open. and why the writing is so vague - so if you happen to fall prey to them thinking you’re faking sales or something, you have something to stand on to argue them in CS - so they can reinstate your account… And keep right on making money off of you.

What the TOS is to protect against is for gigs like mine - people want HONEST reviews, aye?

So they go and they find ten different HONEST reviewers - there are hundreds of us. But because I’m so clever, I set up ten fake accounts and then make sure all ten these people find are mine… Then they are getting ONE honest review and NINE bogus ones… And I collect all the cash that could have been divided up among other people who could have been depending on that gig.

I then use those fake accounts to pay each and every other account and give them positive reviews… There’s enough variation to keep anyone from knowing that the fake reviews are from the same person - cycle through them… Soon enough, my ten are the best on the site with 100% positive ratings, and I am earning ALL the cash from that particular niche on Fiverr.

It’s to promote a fair market - people who play by the rules or happen to have living circumstances or are company based, shouldn’t have a foreseeable problem.


Can i create my wife account on fiverr? Using same laptop ?


i dont think you can


But i’m using her document different Paypal account


try and contact the costumer support using 2 account on the same laptop can get your account banned :blush: