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Can i sell videos or books not mine?


i want to know if i can send videos not mine , for example videos about exercise of fitness or yoga but it’s not mine , the video for another one a coach or star for example .

or can i sell books? for example books so important and i can’t write it again , just the buyer must read it as the real version .

i can do like that ?


Sheriff’s Note: This post is not really a tip for buyers. Moving it to Conversations.

Not unless they’re PLR or in the public domain. Anything that has been copyrighted can’t be resold for obvious reasons. Not legally, anyway.

Reply to @sara1984: thank you , if i do a summary of research and many books that can be mine?

about videos sure about public domain and with copyrighted

Reply to @yosri21: I glanced at one of your gigs and you have 12 books already listed for $5. I looked up just one of them because I’ve read it myself. You offer Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman which may seem convenient for you since the author is deceased. However, the Dave Elman Hypnotherapy Institute appears to own the copyright to his books. That means you cannot resell that book anywhere unless you are mailing the buyer a print copy of the real book.

You claim to also be a Psychologist so you are educated enough to understand copyright law, right? You need to edit the gig to remove any or all of the books unless you have proof of your right to resell the digital versions. If you do not, the authors and publishers can file a lawsuit against you.

You may not resell anything that is not yours. Some institutions offer an affiliate program which will allow you to resell the book, look that up before doing something really illegal.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: i know that but i find many users who send books , so i did a gig like that.

thank you for more information , i delete my gig about the books , you are right.