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Can I send a sample image to the buyer with watermark logo before delivery?


I am a new seller. I want to provide a sample order to the buyer but I don’t want him to just use the picture and leave. Therefore, I wanted to ask if there is an option to add the watermark logo to the image before the delivery.

Thank you


Yes, you can send the image with watermark for showing him as a sample. when he/she will agree then you can deliver the order :slight_smile:


I think fiverr automatically adds a watermark and removes it once the client approves the job


@ronhi85 @zamanaxhraf
I meant before he even accepts the order. He wants to see an example before even paying. So I don’t want him to take it and take off…


Fiverr automatically add watermark.


I am talking about before delivery. When your’e chatting with him before you even placed the order. Does it add the watermark?


Just show him your recent samples. If he likes them, ask him to place an order first before you start working on his job. Let him know you will revise the job if he doesn’t like the delivery. Otherwise, you might just be wasting your time


. Thank you for your respond. Every gig I do it slightly different. In that case, I have never done something like that