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Can I send a sample image to the buyer with watermark logo before delivery?


I am a new seller. I want to provide a sample order to the buyer but I don’t want him to just use the picture and leave. Therefore, I wanted to ask if there is an option to add the watermark logo to the image before the delivery.

Thank you


Yes, you can send the image with watermark for showing him as a sample. when he/she will agree then you can deliver the order :slight_smile:


I think fiverr automatically adds a watermark and removes it once the client approves the job


@ronhi85 @zamanaxhraf
I meant before he even accepts the order. He wants to see an example before even paying. So I don’t want him to take it and take off…


Fiverr automatically add watermark.


I am talking about before delivery. When your’e chatting with him before you even placed the order. Does it add the watermark?


Just show him your recent samples. If he likes them, ask him to place an order first before you start working on his job. Let him know you will revise the job if he doesn’t like the delivery. Otherwise, you might just be wasting your time


. Thank you for your respond. Every gig I do it slightly different. In that case, I have never done something like that


Sir ronhi85. Buyer requests a watermarked logo. Protected version of a logo.
He is saying he will send money after he get satisfied from the logo delivery.
I sent many versions and he kept asking for revisions in inbox. Hasn’t placed an order yet. Now, not getting a reply back. What to do in this case?


In this case, take it as a learning experience. Fiverr strongly recommends never to start working until the order is placed (and if you do the work without an order in place, there is zero guarantee that you will get paid for your work).

You just gave away a lot of work for free, and since that person got what they wanted for free, they have no reason to pay you.


Excatly! If buyer decide to buy something from you, that mean, he is satisfied with your images/portfolio in gig, so he can order you and you can start working. Do not start with a project before they order your gig.


Thanks catwriter.
How can I make him realize it is a cheating.


Should I contact customer support with the screenshots of the messages?


Though if every time an image was uploaded in the message system the seller put a watermark on it like the buyer specified, the logo is likely unusable for the “buyer”, at least without further work to get try to get rid of the watermark.


He probably already knows that it’s cheating, and he intended to cheat all along.

It won’t help. Without an order in place, that person doesn’t have to pay. That’s why I told you never to start working until the buyer places an order.


Ok! A lesson learnt. Good Bye 2018