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Can I send another gig link to the buyer in my inbox? to place the order in there

Hello everyone! recently I was wanted to delete one of my gigs. but one buyer inboxes me on this gig which I wanted to delete… I already finished her work. so can I share another gig link on my inbox to say, “place your order in this gig, I will deliver your work in there?” is Fiverr allow it?

note: buyer didn’t still order.

                  .......thanks again........
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No. Because you wouldn’t be doing the scope for that gig. You’d be breaking a contract.

Suggest a custom order if the buyer asks to work with you.

thanks for your kind attention:) we talk about custom orders and the buyer agree to that so now can I send the custom order from my another gig?

Yes. You can send a Custom Order through any of your active Gigs.