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Can I send done gig before delivery time?(fiverr app)

Hi, I got my two first gigs (yay!) and did them before due time. These were illustrations. I use fiverr app on my phone but can’t find way to send them if i do them before time runs out. I was trying hard not to fall asleep, but eventually i did :wink: and sent the pictures one hour later than it should be.
Is there any way I can send ready gig before delivery time runs out?


From what I understand, submitting deliveries via the app is extremely limited. Personally I use the app more for communication or to view buyer requests, not for deliveries themselves.

While unfortunately there’s no way to turn back the clock to deliver pieces on time, I recommend just planning accordingly so you don’t have to run up to the last minute to get everything done, though I’ve definitely been there. Don’t be afraid of extending the delivery time of your gigs as well! In my experience, this has helped rather than hurt me, and great customers will gladly wait for a finished product. Wishing you much luck!

Thanks! Is there possibility to send finished gig before deadline? This time the problem was with time difference :sweat_smile:

Yes! You have until the clock runs out to submit the order. I would do it as early as possible, which helps in the event that a buyer wants a revision (if you offer those). Definitely avoid doing it right as the clock strikes 0, as 1 just one second past due and your order will be marked late.

Ok, so here is another disadvantage of the app-i couldn’t send it earlier :laughing: Thanks @invaderroxas! Next time I’ll be using my computer :wink:

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