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Can I send message to my existing client?

Can u please suggest me? Can I send a message to my existing client?
Is it a violation of Fiverr law?

Thanks in advance.


What do you actually mean? What kind of a message? Do you mean to send a message on fiverr or somewhere else?


You mean a message to a buyer that worked with you before?


Doing that is spam. Check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Well worth a read as a violation can risk your account.


Yes you can send message to them any time.

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Yes. I need to clarify about this issue.

Hi Avrora,

I need to know, Can I send message to my existing client, which job I have done before?


Messaging previous clients, mostly means you want to sell them something else, fiverr views this as spamming and when the client you just messaged clicks on the report message as spam, then you will see fire

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Yes you can send message to a client. It is best if you communicate as much as possible with the client so that they know what is happening with their order. You can also send a follow up message or just a general message to find out if they require any further service.

Do not send more than one of these message because you don’t want to harass the client.

I hope that helped.

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You can send a message to a client if you have an ACTIVE order with them. However, if the order is completed, sending them additional messages is spam and you will put your account at risk by messaging them. ONLY send messages to clients who initiate the conversation by messaging you first. DO NOT send them a general message to find out if they require any further service - that is SPAM.


Thank u so much.
Great help.

If you want to send message for your marketing. I will say, Yes you can send message to your client for your marketing. Like "Now i am selling … service… It is not violation.

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Yes , you can but don’t say directly that you want a job

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I have tried it a few years ago, and FIverr said I should sop with this.


How can you send free mockup to client before order.

You should NOT send any FREE Demo/Test/Preview/Proof work to anyone before they sign a contract as it is dangerous (they just steal it) and it is unprofessional and merely makes you look weak & desperate. Make a Portfolio.

Start a new thread, instead on necroing one that is three years old.

Even better, read the several conversations that have been had about his very issue several times in the last few weeks - use the Search function.


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