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Can I send money to someone on Fiverr without buying or selling?

20 characters magic in the air…

No, you can not.


Do you really wanna do this ? You can find a charity center.

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I think you can tip them, but for that you should have purchased something from them before.

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Just buy a gig and tell them it’s a tip.


20 is my favorite number.

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And 6 is mine.

Also what does that have to do with anything?

I just wanted to thank you but a Fiverr post must have atleast 20 characters.

Ah, cleaver.

… literally spent 4 minutes thinking about something to put here :frowning: disappointing.


Keep in mind, though, whatever you buy from them, even if you’re just tipping them, Fiverr still takes 20%.

Oh thanks I’ll keep that in mind.

Nope nope nope ! You can not. Yes, Fiverr takes 20%. Every transaction.

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You can’t send money directly from one account to another one. Draw money to paypal/payoneer and send to the other person wallet/bank…
If you buy orders from one account to another one, assuming you accept loosing 20% of your money, It is considered like money laundering, transfering money as a work payment without the work being done at all.

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The only way to do that is to buy their gig and ask them to deliver your order without attaching any file, you can then mark their delivery as completed