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Can I send my another gig link directly to my old buyer?


Hello Everyone,

How are you all??? I am excellent because I am getting an excellent response in fiverr. I want to know something about fiverr rules.

I want to promote my gig to old buyer. so I want to send my another gig link to old client in order page or through inbox. please tell me what about the fiverr rules in this case.

Please give me this info.

Thank you advance.


I agree, this could be considered spam. Many buyers are one off buyers. Plus your gigs are technically not allowed by the other third party sites, so it may be considered spam even more.


Reply to @sincere18: When picking gigs out, you can target gig types that have a tremendous amount of repeat business. Just look for items you can provide that customers need over and over again. Those repeat orders are great. You and the customer are already in a routine and understand how to work together.


Reply to @landongrace: Thank you. I am providing facebook likes and also facebook reviews, so I want to promote my facebook reviews gig to old buyer who already bought my facebook likes gig.


I would not send messages to old buyers. It very easily may be considered spam. If they enjoyed working with you it will be easier for them to order the next time from you rather than to start over with someone new.