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Can i send my User name?

If my client want to contact out of fiverr Then what i should??
Please share your experiance.


Unfortunately, your lack of knowledge (on what to do in this situation) shows that you haven’t read and understood the ToS. You wouldn’t be asking this question had you read the ToS.

Please, I URGE you to thoroughly go through Fiverr’s Terms of Service as it explains all the Do’s and Don’ts of this platform in great detail.

Not going through/abiding by the ToS while working on Fiverr-related stuff WILL inadvertently put you at risk of receiving a ToS warning/account suspension/permanent ban.

The ToS clearly states that Fiverr users are neither allowed to share any personal information/contact details with others nor communicate with other Fiverr users off of Fiverr.

Tell your buyer that you will not be contacting them off of Fiverr since that’s against Fiverr’s ToS.


Thanks for your help.