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Can I send my what's up id in message to my client?

Buyer wants to give me work on CRM data entry. So he wants my what’s up id for giving me instructions and necessary files. So what should I do now? Please help me, its urgen.


No. You might get a warning if you give your ID for that site (unless the gig was set up for that and it was one of the requirements and if you’d had permission from Fiverr).

Ask him to send the files using Fiverr as attachments. If that isn’t possible, ask him to send them with dropbox or something (as long as it isn’t something that allows offsite communication).


Don’t. Fiverr allows only one alternative file sharing service, Dropbox.
If he insists, drop him. Better off safe than banned or scammed.


no way becuase fiverr is not allwod on your info cearfully


Thank you all senior… :heart_eyes:

no never did this to any client.