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Can I send One to one message the Fiverr friends


Help post:

Can i send any fiverr friend / seller one to one message for communication.
is it against the rule?

I am new here. just want to learn.

thank you.


Yes, it is considered spam and you could get into trouble. I suggest you read Fiverr’s TOS, you’ll find it at the bottom of Fiverr’s page.


but when i click the fiverr seller user name. there is a box named Message. Did u see it?

i want to know about it.

thanks again. waiting for your suggestions.


You’re only allowed to contact other sellers if you intend to buy from them and need to ask them something about their service.

As for messaging friends, why message them on Fiverr? If they’re really your friends (that is, people you know in real life), surely you have some other way to communicate with them.


The box is there so that buyers can message them. Fiverr isn’t a social media site where you can hang out with friends.


ok. i will remember this. thank you again