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Can i send skype name or email

can i send skype id or emai? recently i mistakenly time we will disscuss it on skype but i wanted fiverr. mistakenly type skype word. is it make any problem?
can i send my email or skype id to client? some time very large file need to send or receive.

you cant send its against fiverr

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mistakenly i type skype word but dont send the id, does fiverr block me?

It won’t block you, but it will probably flag your message. Depending on the context of the conversation, people at Fiverr may or may not choose to take further action.


how can i check how many flag i got

Don’t worry. Fiverr don’t block you. Don’t do this next time.

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If a message is under review there will be a notification and it won’t be sent, so you’ll know.

The rules around this can be a little ambiguous - I know, I went backwards and forward with my customer success manager on this several times.

Essentially, you are not allowed to contact anyone for any reason outside Fiverr’s messaging platform unless it is essential to you performing the gig. Even then, you and the buyer are not protected on any messages sent outside the platform. In almost all cases, you do not need to contact someone outside the platform.

If you do decide to do so, always get permission from customer service first of all. That way, if you run into any issues, you can show you acted in good faith. But generally, the Fiverr messaging platform should be fine for 99% of gig needs.