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Can I send targeted adwords traffic to my gig page to get more sales?

I want to send the paid AdWord traffic to my gig page to get sales?

is this allowed?

anyone here who tried this and got any sucess?


No it’s against the TOS.

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but why?
I am using the fiverr platform to process the order so that they can get their 20% cut

Why did you even bother to ask the question in the first place? If you want to know why you can ask customer support.

And you’re welcome.

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Why did you put a link to this discussion in this discussion?

Why do I bother to give answers… :roll_eyes:

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sorry by mistake it was posted

is their any other way to promote the gig with the paid traffic?

How about you get traffic the honest way by sharing your gigs to social media?

Social media won’t convert with Positive ROI many times.

Then work on your gigs and deliver good work to improve your ranking within this platform. Views are only a small portion of what determines your ranking and impressions.

I don’t want to be 100% dependent on Fiverr for sales

yet you… want to promote the gigs you offer on fiverr to get sales on fiverr

by paying for traffic.


I don’t know what to address first. How exactly is he not being honest? And what makes you think that sharing gigs on Social Media is any different than running an ad?

Paid traffic is not dishonest in any way. He’s not paying people to visit his gigs…he simply want’s to run google ads to generate traffic/leads to his gig and I, for one, applaud his initiative.

OP, you’re on the right track! I don’t Fiverr’s specifics about this so you definitely want to take up with CS as suggested above.

However the standard agreement is: You can’t misrepresent yourself as someone that works for the company and you cannot compete with keywords they are using. They should have a list of those keywords in their affiliate section.

If I were you though, I’d sent traffic to your own website and make the sale there. If you’re generating the lead, for me, it makes little sense to bring it to Fiverr, specially if you, as stated, “don’t want to be 100% dependent on Fiverr for sales”

Kudos to you for taking matters in your own hands. Good luck!!!

As @misscrystal already stated, it violates Fiverr’s terms of service. Here’s the part quoted from the TOS

Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the Google Ads platform.

So, if you want to get your account banned, be my guest.

and @urdeke you maybe want to not encourage others to do something if you don’t even know if it’s allowed.

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Not allowed doesn’t mean dishonest. And I told him to send traffic to his website not to his gigs.

What’s not dishonest about violating the terms of service if you know that’s what you’re doing?

He’s not being dishonest. Companies don’t want you to compete with them for keywords because keywords pricing is dynamic and based on supply & demand.

So to answer his question: He can run ads and direct the leads to his website, from there I’d make a sale myself, but if he prefers, he can then sent them to Fiverr.

And what I’m proposing is not sneaky or a workaround btw. It’s a legitimate way of getting leads.

Hey @janali and @urdeke

Please don’t fight guys, this is not the fighting ring, this is forum :rofl: :rofl:

But you can use Facebook ads to promote gig.