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Can I send them a spreadsheet to fill out? Web research/VA

I’m new here. I want to hire a virtual asst. to collect some information from some websites. I can try to verbally explain would best clearly explain the info I need them to find for me. Is it possible to share a spreadsheet and not violate Fiverr rules? For example, I can set the spreadsheet up on google drive, but they would need my username (also is my email) and password to access it.

If that’s against the rules. Can I create an excel file and send the file to them from Fiverr?

thank you all, I’m new and I definately need help on this!

Do not send anyone on fiverr your username and email password since that is violating the terms of service.

Yes you can create an excel file and send it to the seller as long as no personal information is on it.

Thank you. So, I could send them an excel file through this website, but NOT use Google Docs/Drive because that login is affiliated with my gmail?

I’d prefer it to be on Google drive, so I can possibly simultaneously edit the file. Maybe I should set up a new Google user name just for this task so it’s not affilated with my email address?

You should ask customer service if you can use Google drive for this so you do not violate any rules of fiverr and get your account banned.

There is a way you can share a google docs spreadsheet without giving people access to your login details. In your google spreadsheet document, click share on the top right corner. A window pops up Click ‘get shareable link’. Then copy and paste that link. Whoever clicks on that link will be able to access it. In that window, you should change ‘anyone with the link can view’ to ‘anyone with the link can edit’, so that your freelancer can edit your document