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Can I send work sample through google drive link sharing?

Hi, I want to send work sample through google drive link sharing in response to buyer request. Is it allowed in fiverr? Please, give me suggestions.


Brother after read fiverr all terms and conditions
fiverr not allow any link or address


No you can’t.

We’ve discussed this many times. Put them in your gig photos, gig video or the PDF.

Why would Fiverr let you share something that includes your email address and also enables you and the buyer to communicate off of Fiverr?

Read the ToS as we all have instead of asking here. The forum isn’t a replacement for research and initiative


@raihanrb thank you for your suggestion.

@humanissocial thanks a lot for your valuable advice.

I dont think that is possible as i think it is against fiver rules and policies.

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@farzeen_shareef thank you.

Thank you for your reply

Thank you very much.

Don’t do that. Those sort of links will get you in trouble.

There is nothing to stop you making a nice General Portfolio (or 2,000 specialist ones) you publish on YouTube that you link to in BR etc. You can even link people into a specific time or chapter.

Just don’t be a dill, putting your email or website all over it.