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Can i set price 1000$ on normal gig

I create logos and I am not a fiverr pro verified designer, so i cannot create a pro gig. But can i set higher prices like 1000$ in normal gigs ? is their any issue with it.


You can set your price to be whatever you like. :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to provide your buyers with some sort of added value/quality to justify such a high price otherwise you’re likely to get negative feedback. The more you charge, the greater your buyers’ expectations. :wink:


hmmmm okay. Its helpful thanks :slight_smile:


It may not be such a great idea to go up against pro verified designers by offering your services at the same price level.

Going after their target audience without the Pro badge may not work in your favor.

Instead work your way up price wise, when orders start coming in, and apply to get Pro status at the same time.


yeah you are right. Thank you for feedback !

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I am not 100% sure but I think $5000 the height and $5 is the lowest. And I also not guarantee it’s could be sell or not.

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hmmm, hope so one day we all get pro badge :wink:

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