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Can i share canva editable link in delivery?

Please guide me can I share editable canva design link in the order delivery… because I designed an ebook in canva and want to deliver editable canva link to buyer… I am afraid of getting my account banned… please guide me if you know thanks :slight_smile:

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What if the buyer goes on to delete the design, then opens a dispute for an incomplete delivery?

It’s always better to deliver files that can be saved on Fiverr servers. I’ve read somewhere how they do not assume links to be the complete proof of work. Even for web development, a screenshot is recommended.

Perhaps he could maybe make a copy and send an editable copy linl to the buyer and also send them another finished version (not a link). This way the buyer would be able to edit it as they wish but would not be able to claim it was an incomplete delivery.

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